Really upset with Z1

I have the Z1 since April 2021. Great hardware. The problem is the Theta app software is not up to par at all.

8 out of 10 times fails connection, transfer speeds from Z1 to my Galaxy Note 20 5g is awefull. I clocked 50 seconds of video Full HD and it took 12 minutes to transfer to my phone.

If I get it to connect and click on other menu items, it disconnects.

And the overall issue is that Z1 is dependent on the THETA app. I mean, if I use the Z1 by itself without a tablet or phone, I cannot know if I made the shot or not.

It is basically a “no display” camera that I have to connect to my PC, open the image files and only then will I know if I took the right shots or not. The display on the Z1 does not say much and worst yet, the guides and manuals don’t say much about the app.

I have not been able to enjoy this expensive Z1 360 camera at all. In fact it has been more pain than pleasure.

I bashed the Z1 against a concrete wall…and it was the best feeling I’ve felt since I bought this.

Frankly, I regret spending $900. on this Theta Z1, but it’s my loss and I fell for it…so I deserve the regret.

Z1…too many complications…or maybe it was just me…unfortunately the good vibe I had about Ricoh is gone…RIP

hi! I’m sorry to read this post and your trouble you had! Which camera does it better, you must have a better 360 camera?