Theta Z1 one lens blurry when camera is hot


In testing Theta Z1 performed nicely, but as when used in production shoot, I noticed all my photos where blurry in the same spot on the back lens. camera was on a sturdy tripod, so it’s not it. It was hot outside and the camera was powered on for some time and was warm.
There was no heat alert on the camera.

Checking my last photos, they were sharp in the same region so decided to test, with the camera cold, and the same shot when it warmed up, and sure enough, sharp when cold, blurry when hot.

The camera was barely used and was not dropped or mishandled in any way.

Seems like a manufacturing defect where the sensor would misalign due to thermal expansion.

I had the same issue with the Samsung Gear 360, but that was widely known issue.
I never heard anything like that with Theta Z1.

For me, this makes the camera useless

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

I contacted Ricoh support, but I doubt that they will do much in this case.

Even if they will act eventually, I need a working camera ASAP, so will have to buy another, but after this issue, I’m hesitant to do so.

I have not heard of this problem before. You may get more response posting on one of the Facebook groups for 360 photographers.

I know that Samsung Gear 360 camera had the same symptoms, which were caused by bad design of the camera.

Ricoh support did not help, asking me to pay for the repair, as I expected.