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Recoh Theta V - View in OBS + VLC(or any 360viewer app)

Hi Guys,
I need help in setting up my machine and camera.
The ask is

  1. I need to stream 360 LIVE to youtube via OBS.
  2. I also need to display the output to multiple projectors or TV screens.

Streaming to youtube is figured out.
But need help how I can display the obs view onto TV screens either OBS live screen or directly camera feed to VLC where I can control what the viewer see (non specrical view).


Can your audience just view the stream on YouTube? That is the most scalable.

If not, see this article.

This is going direct from the camera to a Mac, not over YouTube. However, it is not as scalable as YouTube. Can you provide more information on what you are trying to achieve? What is the important aspect of the conditions for your audience? If it is quality, then you are better off with YouTube. If it is latency, then you have to make some compromises.

Youtube because of the latency won’t be a good fit because the viewers on TV and screens would hear the live audio but the delay from youtube won’t help.

The RTSP approach you mean I can use the streaming link on VLC also parallelly the same stream link in obs too? let me try it out.

The situation is I need to LIVE Stream the event on to youtube also send the video feed to projectors & TV screens that are set up in different parts of the venue(different rooms)