Red light on front of Theta V

Morning All. My client has a Theta V which suddenly has a red light constantly on on the bottom front of the camera just above the Ricoh logo. Does anybody know what this is?

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The red lamp is lit, which is a sign that the memory full of THETA V is approaching.
Blinks as memory becomes more tighter.

Below, I wrote an article that intentionally turned on and blinked the lamp.
(I haven’t written the text properly yet, but I’ve made the video visible.)の全ランプの球切れのテスト/m-p/2794109#M1038200

All you have to do for that situation is to delete the data in the THETA V’s internal memory.
Connecting data to a PC is also a good choice.
You can also move it to a USB stick using the plug-in USB Data Transfer.
You can also operate from the THETA app connected by Wi-Fi.