Theta V beeps and shows blinking red light when on Theta App

Hi All,

I have a Theta V that was knocked down during filming and died on me.

Managed to get it to boot up after discovering a loose connector in it.

It can connect to my android phone and PC with no issue at all. However, when I try to connect it to the Theta app, it will have 5 beeps + flashing red light and disconnect itself. When I press the wifi button, it will repeat the same beeps n red light. Need to force shut down after that.

I have tried to reset it by using the plug-in but failed. Failed as in the camera simply shut off after the red light. It did not restart. The same problem still persist after I have boot it up.

As Theta V is a discontinued product, Ricoh refused to do any repair.

Anyone has any idea on what is wrong with it and any solution?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you


If you right click on it when it is plugged into a Windows computer, does it show a battery with charge?

Hi Craig,

Yes, it does.

When you connect it to Android with Wi-Fi, can you access the camera at

It will look like this.

The Wi-Fi icon on the camera will be solid blue (on the V)


  • press and hold the power button for 18 seconds and then start up the camera again.
  • test
  • press and hold the Wi-Fi button (will reset the Wi-Fi on the V) for 18 seconds and then test again