Ricoh Theta SC red warning light

I get a red light with an exclamation mark when I turn it on. What does that mean? I’m not able to access anything via iPhone app or connecting Mac to the camera via USB.

Throw it away?

Likely filesystem (internal storage) or main board problem. There are no obvious known fixes that I can recall from this forum. The best solution is to send the camera in for repair under warranty.

If it is no longer under warranty, you should read through the thread below. I think that the solution only helps with certain Mac usage scenarios. The fixes do not apply to everyone. If you have a solution, please post the results as it will help other people. Using a high-speed USB cable is a low-risk attempt to fix the problem. Formatting the filesystem may brick the camera. If you search on this forum for red light, you may find other attempts and fixes. It’s possible to take the camera apart, but you may not be able to put it back together again and may not be able to find a problem even if you take it apart.