Regarding emulation of richo theta Z1 on emulator in android studio

Hi ,

Is there is a possible way that we should use a virtual device for theta Z1 as android emulator in android studio for development as the physical device is not present . Please provide solution regarding this . It would be really helpful.

There is no functional emulator that replicates any of the APIs.

Are you building a mobile app to connect to the camera with Wi-Fi or a plug-in (app that runs inside of the Z1)?

I am building a mobile app to connect to the camera with Wi-Fi and to take pictures manually and at certain intervals from camera .I don’t had physical device RICHO Theta Z1 present with me . I want to test my code before delivering to client . Is there any environment where I could test my code.

There is no emulator available that will replicate the WiFi API.

My personal opinion is that you need to partner with a consultant that has a Z1.

You may be able to find someone on this forum that has a Z1 and is willing to help you test it, possible for a small payment.

Did you already build the app? Or, are you evaluating whether or not to accept the contract?

If you are completely stuck and want to test the Android mobile app prior to client delivery, @jcasman and I can provide minimal free community support. We can try running the apk on Google Pixel 2 and 4 mobile phones running Android 11 for a basic test before you send it to the client. You can send us a link to download by DM or email. This is unlikely to be satisfactory for a finished product as we are unable to provide extensive debugging testing due to time constraints.

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