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Remote Playback Presentations to Smart TV

This video shows you how to use the Ricoh Remote Playback plug-in to present your THETA V images and videos directly to a Smart TV. No additional hardware or software is required. The THETA V will connect to your Smart TV and display the video and and images from the THETA V directly to the TV. You can use the THETA V as a remote control to select and control your 360 media.

This is easier to use than presenting to a Windows 10 computer.

The Remote Playback Plug-in is built into your THETA V. If you have a Smart TV, please give it a try and let us know how it goes.


Turn On Your Smart TV

Enable Screen Mirroring.

Turn on the THETA V in Plug-in Mode

The LED above the shutter button should be white.

Display Media From Camera

Select Media

Use your THETA V like a Wii controller. Wave it around. You will see a cursor on the TV.

Share Media

Display different perspectives or your THETA V images and video.

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Found this contribution, has a little bit more information about switching between AirPlay Mode and Miracast Mode during setup, and then some user tips and tricks like resetting the mouse/cursor to the center of the screen, and more.

Thanks to bigboss97 on YouTube!