Report: 360° Camera Use Increasing Quickly in Construction Industry

Coverage from Cornerstone report released by the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation. The report finds that 360° cameras are the second-most-used of the five hardware types, and represent a significant shift in the market over the last two years.

Excerpt from the article:

“While these devices existed when the last survey was put out, they played no significant role in our industry,” the report states. “Even three years ago, it would have been a novelty item in our survey.” U.S. Institute of Building Documentation predicts that 360° cameras will surpass stationary laser scanners as the most used documentation tool within the next year.

Three fifths of respondents use these cameras on their projects. One-quarter own three to five cameras, and 15% own more than 20, as large construction firms pursue enterprise implementation of the technology across multiple sites.

Forty percent of respondents upgrade their 360° cameras every one or two years, and owning them is the “clear choice,” the report finds. 360° cameras are delivering the strongest results for ROI of all the hardware devices; 87% of respondents filling out this section of the survey had already achieved their ROI on these products.

Image resolution was rated the most important factor for renting or purchasing 360° cameras, with lighting responsiveness close behind. Contractors also place a higher importance than any other group on 360° video capture.

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I hope some people from this community become super successful and rich by taking advantage of the boom in 360 cameras in the construction industry.

This article below shows that US market for construction expenditures was $1,162 billion in 2016.


This article also provides more information on the market.


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Data showing heavy presence of RICOH THETA cameras in building documentation industry (construction). 54% overall.

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Source: Cornerstone Report, USIBD, p22

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