Ricoh iOS Camera SDK error Can not find cameras

I actually have not tried this myself. I need to check with RICOH to see if there is any example code available. @jcasman and I meet with a RICOH manager on Tuesday.

Thanks @craig, Let me know if there is a sample code for Bluetooth connectivity.

Hello @craig @jcasman, Is there any update.

@max_a We are working on getting an example or at least clarifying information. We don’t have an update today. We are meeting with RICOH tomorrow (Tues, Nov 23) and may be able to provide more information sometime after the call.

@jcasman Thank you so much for the heads up.

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Can you confirm that you are using the WebAPI to successfully turn on bluetooth power first and that you’re getting a positive response. In this situation, you must first connect with Wi-Fi to turn on Bluetooth in the camera.

then, can you confirm that you’re successfully setting the UUID of the BLE device with the Wi-Fi API using the Wi-Fi connection.


Once you found the Bluetooth device with deviceName, are you setting Auth Bluetooth device?


Do you have a log of the above steps. If there is a problem, we can forward the log to RICOH.

Thanks @craig, for the information, I was on leave so couldn’t reply you back. There is one more concern.
Can we transfer the image using bluetooth ?
Can we do live camera feed using bluetooth ?

I had read one article where it was mentioned that we cannot transfer the photo via Bluetooth.

You cannot transfer the photo/image with bluetooth. You can only trigger the shutter to take a picture. You must then use a USB cable or Wi-Fi to transfer the photo.

You cannot live stream over bluetooth.

If you are OK with motionjpeg, you must use Wi-Fi for the stream. Otherwise, you will need to use a USB cable.