Ricoh SC2 battery replacement

I recently got a used Ricoh sc2 for next to nothing. The lens was broken, thus the low cost. Figured I would try my hand at replacing it. However, I could not get the camera to boot up or charge. When I took the unit apart (saw signs that someone had taken it apart before) I found that there was no battery!
Any Idea where I can get a replacement battery for the sc2? I know officialy the battery is not replaceble, but it looks like the battery just plugs into a 4 or 5 pin connector on the circuit board. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on sending it into the factory since it still needs the lens replaced, and I don’t even know if the camera will work with a new battery. Any Ideas?

Does the size of the empty battery slot look the same as the battery in the picture in the article below.

For the V, I used an LI-92B from amazon. I don’t know if it is the same for the SC2.

This is the style of battery you require, i am have a problem where my unit dies if a power bank is not connected. I suspect the battery BMS. I may try source one but the power bank met my curiosity requirements. The unit was bought faulty for very little and is fully operational until i remove the power bank.

the unit in the picture may be an m15, not sc2.

You can get an inline power meter to see the current draw. You can try applying voltage directly to the pins.

modifications by other people on the S model

Hi the unit (My picture / Camera) is the SC2, it works perfectly like i said with a power bank, it charges etc etc but it would appear the battery BMS board is not reporting correctly. Or the battery is defective. I may try removing and using my bench PSU do some tests. I may also graph the results from my oscilloscope. I do however suspect the battery is the culprit.

On the lens swap, i have semi successfully swapped lenses easy enough, but be wary removing the metal outer ring as too much pressure will separate the lens housing from the sensor. Almost impossible to realign. I did manage on a sc model as i had 3 units to sacrifice.

if you take the battery out of the unit, does it hold a charge and output within the battery spec?

Is that whole gray rectangle the battery? Or, is it a covering for the DB-110 battery?

Hi, the battery is a lipo, the white sticker is a label on the battery. As you can see its quite a bit larger than the older style battery in previous units.

The unit has been left in a drawer for several months but had a little charge left in it, but I can’t be sure as I don’t trust the battery level because I suspect its faulty.