Ricoh Theta 15m - Video not possible

Hello Community!

I am a new user and need some help.

I got myself a used Ricoh Theta 15m camera and was able to connect it to my smartphone through the WIFI without any problems. Taking photos works also fine BUT i cant figure out how to take videos…

On the top of the app i have the photo and video option but the video option is grey and if i click on it nothing happens… Anyone else had that problem and the solution for it?


Press the power and wifi buttons at the same time to turn on the camera. Refer to the online manual below.

Shooting Videos Using Only the Camera | RICOH THETA

Hello Craig,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I could turn on the camera option now, however, the camera image is not transmitted to my phone screen, so i cannot see what is within the camera frame. Also, I tried to take a short test video and when i go to Device Images it is empty… Any idea what i am doing wrong?

Thanks for your support!

The live preview in video mode may not work with the m15. After you take the video and you plug it into your laptop with a USB cable, is it not appearing?

Are you using a Mac or Windows computer?

If you’re using a Mac laptop, Mac RICOH THETA File Transfer, software may help. I have not tried it with the m15.

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