Wireless LAN Clinet mode didn't work in smartphone hotspot mode


Hello, I found that Ricoh Theta V had announced newest firmware many months ago.
Yeah, Theta V supported the Wireless LAN client mode!!!
After updated the firmware and watched the following video:

If I let my smart phone and my Theta V both connect to the wifi router in my room.
My phone can access Theta V via Wireless LAN client mode.

However, if I turned on the Wi-Fi Hotspot in my android phone.
And set my Theta V to connect to my phone.
My Theta V could connect to my phone (My phone did show my Theta V have connected to the Wi-Fi Hotspot)
But I couldn’t connect to my Theta V in my Ricoh Theta APP.

So… did anyone have tried make your theta V connect to the wifi AP on your phone rather than the additional wifi router??
Or under this firmware update, Ricoh Theta still not support connect to the Wifi hotspot in our phone?

If not… I think that this update didn’t make any help…
After all, to bring a wifi router outside is not make sense.

Just my guess: Maybe Ricoh Theta APP would try to connect to Theta V only if smartphone’s wifi has been turned on. If so, it is just a small bug and it is easy to fix…

Firmware 2.40.2 Released