Ricoh Theta S capture time

Can we reduce minimum capture time of Richo Theta S (i.e 8 seconds) further to may be 2 second?

For now not
Regards Svendus

EDIT: Shotinng with the THETA S
and the latest firmware :slight_smile:

See the thread below. I believe Phil Spitler got it down to 4 seconds using Jason’s tlapser360 script.

here’s one of his timelapse videos:

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Yes, I got it down to about 4 I believe. I could go faster for a few frames but once the buffer was full it started to drop frames.


Thanks for confirming that and for contributing an awesome video.

BTW, Phil is giving a talk at our next meetup. Meet the man behind the movie on May 2n in San Francisco.

I was looking at Jason’s code and he got it down to 3 seconds by reducing the resolution. See this:

-I (Interval seconds) : This sets the sleep interval time between photos. Be aware this does not take into consideration any latency added by features of this script such as image downloads, usb control, gps metat data injection, ilong exposures, etc. This means if you set a 10 second interval your photos may be taken every 12 seconds. You can also set this to a lower threshold than the Ricoh Theta S can shoot using it’s built in intervalometer. In testing I’ve been able to shoot a photo ever 3 seconds in low resolution and 5 seconds in high res without over running the on cammera buffer.

@hfawad I managed to shoot 5000 photos in high resolution in 10 Hours 38 minutes and 30 seconds for an average of 7.662 seconds per picture. I was using a python script running on an iPhone which was controlling and monitoring the Theta S over WIFI. The script was shooting every time it saw Status “state” clear “inProgress” and was also transferring the photos over WIFI to the iPhone and deleting them from the Theta S as they completed transfer.

I just ran a couple of tests with low resolutions and the python script. 10 pictures took 54 sec, 55 sec, and 58 seconds. When I started checking for “inProgress” really didn’t seem to matter so picture processing and communications must not share any computing resources.

Out of the Box :laughing: