Ricoh Theta SC: Burst mode (Taking 3 photos per second)

The Ricoh Theta SC can take photos as quickly as 3 per second (also mentioned in another post), using the manual shutter on the side of the camera, while the App won’t take photos more quickly than one photo per 8 seconds (5 seconds for lower resolution images).

In yet another post, I found that using the Theta Web Api v2.1 to create a remote clicker shortcut, it too would let me take photos about 1 second apart, although slightly less reliably.

That leads me to speculate that it is the Ricoh Theta app restricting multiple photos to 8 second intervals, possibly because the camera sends the image data to the app, (and perhaps back again to the camera). My first thought was that the app does the stitching, but images taken with the manual shutter are available as fully formed equirectangular jpgs, together with the last geo positions used with the app.

It seems that the camera is capable of much faster multiple images, a feature that I would find very desirable. Is it possible to put in a feature request to Ricoh, to make this option available more easily? Whatever the App does to slow things down, I don’t always need it, and I would like the option to take photos in this “burst mode”.

Perhaps someone at Ricoh can clarify the issue.

Note: 30 Sep

So I need to amend my findings. While the camera can do 3 images per second, I’m guessing that a small buffer quickly fills up, and the image rate quickly drops to about one image every 5 seconds, slightly quicker than the worst case scenario of one image every 8 seconds.

In a real-life test I was taking 200 shots in 20 mins, about one every 6 seconds, a 25% improvement on the specified time.