Theta X and Z1 fastest interval shooting with dual fisheye (no in camera stitching)

I’m interested in an dual fisheye intervalometer plugin that would allow the fastest possible interval shooting.
6s is just too long. 1s would be great.
JPG only would work (with no processing or flat color), but DNG would be even better.

Is there such plugin?I did not manage to find it, but maybe I missed it.

If there isn’t maybe some could add interval shooting to the dual fisheye or no stitch plugin.


I do not believe there is a plug-in to do this that is still available.

The DNG on the Z1 would take considerably longer than 1s, likely closer to 10 seconds.

You can get a sense for the fastest interval for the webapi here:

theta-api-specs/ at main · ricohapi/theta-api-specs · GitHub

If you use a plug-in, you can reduce the time for the JPG images.

This thread has information on using an early version of the plug-in with an older model, the THETA V. I haven’t tested this with the THETA X or Z1.