Theta SC not switching ON, all three lights are blinking continuously



Hello Everyone,

I had been on a bike ride today and took my Theta SC with me. It is fully charged from.
It connected with my phone and I took few photos, everything was fine.

Later when I tried switching it ON, it is just blinking all three; WiFi, Camera and Video lights. I am not able to connect it to my Phone.
I can connect it to my laptop and it shows up as RICOHDCX drive.

Can you please let me know what has happened to the device?
Any tips or ideas on how to find the issue and rectify it?

Do let me know if you need any further details.


It might be a hardware problem. You may need to contact the manufacturer.

Did you try to hold the power button down for longer than 8 seconds?


I have not touched the device for couple of days and now the device is switching on properly. I’m really happy, but I have no idea how it fixed itself.
Pretty sure this issue is going to pop up when I need to take a nice photo. :sweat:

Yes, I’ve tried the power button for more than 8 seconds. But this didn’t fix the issue.
The only service center I could find in India is in Mumbai.
Any idea if there are any centers in Bangalore?


Do you have the latest firmware installed?

This video provides information on upgrading the firmware.

The repair situation is different country by country. This is from the FAQ.

If you send the Mumbai center an email or call them, maybe they can recommend a course of action for you.

See this video