Ricoh Theta SC WiFi remote wanted

I’m looking for a wireless wifi remote for the Ricoh Theta SC.

When I use the Theta app, I can take a photo without a problem. But the app then spends 5 seconds downloading the resulting image. It is very slow to take multiple photos.

If I press the button on the camera, I can take a photo almost as quickly as I like (every half second), but my hand and body are in the frame. I am aware of the Ricoh CA-3 shutter cable switch, but I still have to be close to the camera.

The best solution would be an app that works as a remote switch, which takes either single or multiple interval shots, as quickly as pressing the button. Anything out there?

When you use the mobile app, if you set the app to “No Postview”, it will not transfer the photos to the smartphone. You can then transfer all the photos from the camera after the shoot with a USB cable to desktop or to your mobile phone with Wifi.

I believe that feature is still in the app. I haven’t checked recently.

Correct, there is a postview setting, and when I disable it, every time I take a shot with the app, it then spends 10 seconds “processing” the image before I can take another shot.

The button on the camera still lets me take 2-3 images per second. It’s unfortunate that I can’t use the app to trigger the shutter as quickly. It looks like the only option is the “Ricoh Theta S String Remote Trigger”.

Is the 10 second processing because the camera is stitching the image?

Are you able to take 2 to 3 images per second with the physical button on the THETA SC camera?

You may want to retest that. It may not actually be taking 2 to 3 images per second.

There’s a remote wired trigger.

Yes, I saw that. It’s just odd that a mechanical trigger is required to get shots one second apart, and that an app can’t do the job. I note that the " Ricoh CA-3 shutter cable switch also requires the “Ricoh TE-1 Extension Adaptor”, otherwise you can’t fix the camera to a tripod/stick using the threaded hole.

You can just go to Home Depot and get a threaded rod and coupling for a few bucks.

What information have you seen to lead you to think that you can get 360 shots with the THETA SC 1 second apart? Is that from your own tests? Or, have you read something that you can share the link to?

$3 Tripod Modification for THETA Live Streaming USB Cable

Thanks for the tip.

Yes, if I hold my Ricoh Theta SC in my hand, and click the button on the camera, I can shoot 3 images per second. After I’ve shot a dozen images, I can run the app, and download all the image I’ve takeṇ.

If I’m tracking a 300m path at 3m intervals, I need 300/3 = 100 images. Using the app on interval mode (every 8 seconds), it will take me 100x8 = 800 second = 13+ minutes. If I use the camera and manually press the button taking 2 images per second, it will take 100 x 0.5 = 50 seconds.

Thanks for the details. That’s surprising behavior as the camera normally requires 8 seconds to stitch the dual-fisheye images into equirectangular and be available for another shot.

Your camera may be a bit special. If you buy additional equipment, like the trigger, just be aware that it may not take pictures as fast as you need. I recommend you buy from a vendor that has a good return policy in case you need to return the accessory.

FYI, for the V and Z1 model, the Google Streetview app takes THETA video at high resolution and then extracts the frames as still images for use on the Streetview service.

May be all Theta Ricoh cameras can take photos 1 second apart, if using the manual camera shutter button? Have you tried it on your Ricoh Theta?