RICOH THETA SC2 API Video Tutorials

The newest RICOH THETA - the SC2 - is programmable and extremely useful for building business solutions in industries like real estate, construction, automotive sales, virtual tours/virtual training, and lots more. has built a series of video tutorials walking you through the process of using the API to send simple commands to the camera, avoiding common problems - some unique to the SC2 - and building up to creating a mobile app.

Thanks to @kaiyote and @codetricity and multiple other community members for their collective efforts to solve problems and share widely!

In addition to these introductory videos, there is more content on the SC2 developer site:

  • 7 tutorial videos that provide a step-by-step introduction to the RICOH THETA SC2 API
  • 3 GitHub repos
  • 25 page written guide

Example Content from the Written Guide



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Updated with new videos

Tutorial on Showing 360 Image with Swipe Navigation