Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business and SC2 don't work on iOS 14.5

Our app is integrated with Ricoh cameras, but after updating to iOS 14.5 random OSC requests inside my app returns Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1001 “The request timed out.”
Native Ricoh Theta app also doesn’t work on iOS 14.5 with Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business and SC2 cameras (always shows “Can’t connect to camera” error).
Ricoh Theta SC2 for Business firmware version is 6.30
Ricoh Theta SC2 firmware version is 1.60
It works fine on previous iOS versions.
It works fine with Z1 and V

Please help because it’s very critical issue

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We’ve just found this message Problem “RICOH THETA for iPhone” on iOS14.5 | RICOH THETA
Please also update us when the cause of the problem will be found and we can make the same changes in our app.

@Mikhail If it’s on the RICOH site, I’m assuming that they’ve allocated engineering resources to fix this as a high priority. Additionally, I’m meeting with a RICOH manager on Thursday. We’ll try and get an update.

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@craig please let us know about any updates as soon as possible :pray: Today we received hundreds of emails from our customers who can’t do their jobs because of this issue :slightly_frowning_face:
Thanks in advance!

I’ll ask @jcasman to send an email today (Wednesday morning in California). Thanks for the additional context. It will help with the communication.

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Good Evening, any update for the Ricoh Theta SC2 business as cannot use this still due the upgrade for IOS

@jcasman is talking to a RICOH manager today. We know that the RICOH engineering team is working on it as a top priority.

Hello @craig. We’re facing this issue now with our customers as well.
Any insights from the Ricoh team on when a fix can be expected?

New user here. Is there any prospect on a solution?

【Firmware (β version) release】for Problem “RICOH THETA for iPhone” on iOS14.5 | RICOH THETA

There is a BETA SC2 and SC2B firmware update on the public RICOH web site. Update requires a small software app that needs to be downloaded to a Mac or PC and can be used to update the SC2 firmware to a BETA version.

The firmware only has limited testing and thus the standard upgrade procedures will not work. The BETA firmware is only intended for use by customers that are having a problem connecting with iOS 14.5.

If your customers do not have a specific reason to update to iOS 14.5, then it is recommended to not upgrade to iOS 14.5.

If your customer has already upgraded to iOS 14.5 or has a need to upgrade to iOS 14.5, then they can try the BETA version of the firmware with the update tool after you test it with your application.


I tested the firmware upgrade on an SC2 and can connect to iOS 14.5 with SC2 firmware 1.61 beta.

See the video below for a step-by-step process.


Update. See the notice below from today, May 10, 2021

Request for firmware version upgrade for iOS 14.5 or later wireless LAN connection failure in “RICOH THETA SC2 / SC2 for Business” | RICOH THETA

Update May 11

I noticed that this person on Facebook had problems with the update, but was able to get it to work by opening the desktop app on the Mac first, then connecting the camera while it was off, then turning on the camera. I have not been able to replicate his problem, but I’m passing this tip on in case other people encounter problems using the desktop app for the upgrades.

Update May 13

Mobile app from RICOH makes it possible to update firmware of the SC2/SC2B with the mobile app. This is for people that are having problems with the desktop app upgrade.


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