Theta SC (2016 Model) Fails to connect to live view on iOS SDK 2.1 Sample app

Hello! I was starting to build out some features for an app of mine and was able to get live view working for the Theta V. However the Theta SC is unable to actively connect to the app. It’s using the GitHub repo’s iOS 2.1 SDK sample app nothing more.
It keeps trying to connect but shows

"failed to start live view

get current image size

failed to get image size"

Any difference in connecting to the SC as opposed to the V?

The SC is using a different OS from the THETA V and the THETA Z1. However, the API command is the same. I haven’t tried the SC (2016 v) with the SDK. I don’t have an SC to test right now.

Do you need the image size in order to grab the liveView?

the SC2 doesn’t appear to provide the image size in the HTTP response. It’s possible that the SC is also not providing the image size. However, it should work.

The Amelia viewer by Jake Kenin may work and may provide a path for you to figure out the SC problem.

The error messages for image size probably means it cannot connect to the SC even to get metadata about its images to be sent. Both the sample apps for Android and iOS fail with the SC, so it might be the camera itself? Won’t know until I get a different SC

If you connect your camera to your laptop with Wi-Fi, can you use the API commands from something like Postman?

For the SC, you need to set the API version to 1.

For RICOH THETA S and RICOH THETA SC, since the API version is set to RICOH THETA API v2.0 when connection is established via wireless LAN, you need to use clientVersion to set the API version of the camera to v2.1.

Can you connect from your mobile device to the camera with a normal browser like Chrome or ping it with a network tool?

Note: Screenshot is with a THETA V, not an SC


Info is a GET command and should work in a browser.