Ricoh Theta V Access Point IP change

Hi, I’m using Ricoh Theta V. I attached the camera on the mobile robots and drones. I send commands via osc commands. I tried to connect Ricoh Theta to a portable PC using Ricoh Theta access point mode, but, unfortunately, the IP address of the PC was (Ricoh’s IP address is also So I attached additional router and set PC and Ricoh as clients. It works but I want remove the bulky router. Can I change the IP address of Ricoh access point?

You can’t change the IP address of the RICOH THETA V when it is in access point mode. The camera will always be at

Can you change the IP address of your PC? In my home office, I have a separate router connected to my primary router. I use the second router to supply the IP address to my PC on a different subnet.

Thank you for your comment. I can’t change IP address of the PC for some reasons.

Is the PC on the drone? If so, you can connect the THETA V to the PC with a USB cable and control the THETA V with the USB API. Most people use Linux. You can either use a Raspberry Pi (if you don’t need to stream) or a Jetson Nano (if the onboard computer needs to process a real-time stream)