Ricoh Theta V In Camera Stitching: Any downsides?



I finally tried the in camera stitching of video on the Ricoh Theta V. Does anyone know if there are any trade offs vs. stitching with the desktop app?
Battery life? Video Quality? Speed? The ability to shoot another video back to back?
It seems the stitching is in real time and a real time saver if I won’t have to stitch on the desktop?


The in-camera stitching emphasizes speed over quality. The desktop quality will be better, but slower. The in-camera stitching is faster, but of lower quality.

It may not matter unless it’s a professional use.


Thanks for that. I noticed a bit more stitching errors and blending imperfections but it is not bad at all. I will try it some more and see.
The desktop app on the Mac is fairly time intensive and there are the occasional dropouts and glitches in the final product which I have reported to Ricoh so it is kind of a wash for me on which way to go but saving time is big.


How do you force the camera to perform in-camera stitching? I do not see any option for enabling this mode…


One has to connect to the camera with the mobile app.
Go to the shooting screen and click the gear icon on upper right. Then select "stitch during shooting.”

I took it out today, and noticed more stitching errors though. :frowning_face:


This isn’t the most useful comparison of desktop vs. in-camera stitching as I am not moving around but one can see the quality of the seams of each method here.


Thanks. Both look great to me. Can you tell the difference yourself?


I’m going to stick with stitching on the desktop. I see this error in screenshot below that I assume should have been no problem with the desktop app.


Sorry to revive an old, old thread, but I’ve been having trouble finding an answer in the University of Google.

I recently bought this camera, and in the video above, there’s a line that I can’t unsee where the images are joined, both in the desktop and in the phone stitch versions. One half of the image has a redder tint than the other. Is this something that’s gone away over time? I want to livestream events, but I have hesitations because in my viewfinder there is a clear “circle” where the two images are joined, with different light on each side.


did you upgrade to the latest firmware? The purple tinge was improved a while back. You can use the desktop application to upgrade the camera firmware with a USB cable.