Theta Z1 Stitching issues in Video mode

Has anyone figured out what could be the issue with the stitching misalignment that shows up on videos taken by Theta Z1? I’m finding similar threads here with no solutions so I’m wondering.
The camera’s firmware is updated and it’s still brand new.
I did the video conversion on the desktop software, but It’s still giving me the same noticeable issue with the output. Images work fine. Videos though are very problematic.

I need to know if I should return the camera to get it fixed.
I’d appreciate it if anyone can help resolving or advice

Thank you

Can you post a screenshot of the video? In my experience, the stitching of the videos is not as accurate as the stitching of still images.

I attached images as references I’m getting like this on my video…some areas it won’t align well. And also a dark line at the connecting frame that’s become visible when I move the camera around

Screenshot 2023-01-05 152920

I don’t use video very often so it may be better to get the video file from another person. In the videos that I took I noticed similar problems with my own video files. However, I am using a beta production test unit which may not have as good a stitching due the lenses. If you’re using this for photogrammetry and you can’t get a realistic 3D image reconstruction, I can ask him other people.