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Theta V | Misaligned images on video

Hi, I got the camera, but I noticed that the final image on the video seems pretty misaligned, is that correct? Is there a way to solve it?

Do y think it could be some off function? or does it have a plugin that solves this?


Is this 4K video that you stitched inside of the THETA V?

Did you get the desktop software to work for stitching when you downgraded the desktop software to an older version?

I downgraded the software and it worked to open the videos and photos (version 3.7.0). Thanks

About the video, I transferred it from the camera to the phone and it shows this way.
Then I downloaded the phone to the PC just to get a print with a bigger image.

Are you telling me to take the pure camera file (with 2 mirror ball) and play it directly on PC 3.7.0 software? i’ll try

Could it be something related to the stitching configuration that exists in the camera? in one place commented that it serves to accelerate the transfer to the cell phone but that can reduce the quality of the video.

I tried turning off the “stitching” option, but it did not solve much. For photos this is perfect, but for video to see sharply the junction of lenses.