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Ricoh Theta V: Recorded video occasional glitch, dropped frame?

Hi everyone! Been generally pleased with my Ricoh Theta V but my recorded video clips will have a dropped frame or glitch every once in a while. Has anyone experienced this issue?
I am already on the latest firmware. 1.00.2
I’ve tried power cycling it but issue still appears.
When I think, glitch or dropped frame, I always think internal storage not being written to fast enough.
I’ve contacted Ricoh, but didn’t get a follow up after they responded to get the latest firmware.
If this is something a future firmware will fix, fine, but annoying.
(Now that I’m writing this post, I better double check to see if this issue appears on the raw clips before stitching with the desktop app on my Mac.)



I haven’t noticed this, but I’m going to be doing some more video recording today, I’ll keep an eye out for it. I’m using the latest firmware (1.00.2) as well. I’ll let you know if I notice anything.


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I just double checked a clip from this morning.

I looked at the original raw clip and I don’t see any dropped frame or glitch. I looked at the stitched movie and there was a dropped frame glitch. I went ahead and restitched the original again clip and the glitch no longer appears at the same location.
So, it would seem that it isn’t the camera at fault----- but occurring during the stitching process with the
desktop app.
I have the original clip on my startup drive (SSD based) so I don’t think it is a slow hard drive issue. I also don’t think I was doing anything else in the background during the stitch. Now comes the fun part, figuring why I get an inconsistent result. Don’t trash the original raw clips until everything is confirmed. :slight_smile:

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Here is a video example of the issue:

So the blame seems centered on the Theta Desktop app.

I’ve submitted a report to Ricoh, to figure out if it is my system configuration or the Theta Desktop application.