Theta V 3.00.1 and Mac Desktop app 3.10.1

Anyone have any issues with latest Theta desktop app (3.10.1)and firmware for the V (3.00.1)?

I shot a few video clips yesterday handheld and used the desktop app to stitch with "top/bottom correction". Upon playback, the clip horizon starts to slowly roll Inception Style.

I tried stitching without the correction and the footage was worse since it didn’t adjust for not holding the V completely vertical.

The V was pretty happy before these latest updates.

Perhaps in camera stitching is the way to go moving forward with the V? (It seems the issue doesn’t appear when I use in-camera stitching and then exporting with top bottom correction.)

Also, it appear that having wifi ON causes a bit of interference with the audio? (Another observation).

New firmware 3.00.1 broke our custom live streaming plugin in a big way. Encoding now is dropping frames like crazy. I wonder if the official live streaming plugin is also affected?

Does anyone know how to downgrade firmware on the Theta V?

Thank you for reporting on this. I’m going to send you a PM to see if you can provide more information.

As far as I know, there is no way to downgrade the firmware.

@ZZChu, can you send us a link to download the video that you’re having problems with?

I contacted Theta support and sent them this link to a Google Drive file. Shot with latest firmware and stitched with the Mac app. If top/bottom correction enabled… then the horizon starts to tilt for some reason. I know files can get funky… but this seems to be weird behavior.

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If you have the stitched version available with the horizon tilting, can you post the link to that?

Okay, here is the stitched version of above link with top-bottom correction. Shot handheld.

Ricoh released a new firmware 3.03.1 and desktop app update 3.10.2 today and it seems to have fixed the issue for me. Yaaaay! Great job Ricoh.

Side note and observation: The latest update seems to leverage the GPU on my Mac for stitching flies!


Great, thanks for posting this follow up info @ZZChu. Very helpful.