Plugin for interval shooting

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For a photogrammetric project, I would like to take RAW pictures every 2 or 3 seconds while waking. I don’t have enough time to deep dive myself into programming, is there a plugin which exists for this ?

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I don’t think the plug-in you want exists. However, maybe other people have ideas.

As far as I know, this plug-in will only take up to 9 shots.

I don’t think this plug-in can meet your requirements either

For interval shooting on the Z1 for DNG, I don’t think you’re going to get much lower than the 10 second interval available in the webAPI

I have not tried it, so maybe someone else has a solution.

Thanks a lot for your answer !
Unfortunately I know those plugins and they are not appropriate for my subject …

Do you need the DNG image? Or, can you use the JPEG image from the Z1?

Even if you use the CameraAPI from the plug-in, I don’t think the DNG image can be taken every 3 seconds. You may be able to take the JPG image in dual-fisheye.

I’ll try and find out the fastest observed time for the DNG image.

About 5 years ago, Ichi Hirota built a prototype of his dual-fisheye plugin. I think he built the original prototype in less than a day. The plug-in reduced the time between images on the THETA V to less than 1 second.

GitHub - theta360developers/original-dual-fisheye-plugin: Ichi Hirota's dual-fisheye plug-in for THETA V. Sample code for the THETA developer workshop. significant modifications by community

Hello !

It would be better to have the DNG image, but if I have the JPEG, it is fine too.

The only thing that I absolutely need is the dual fisheye image before stitching. Is there a way to get it with JPEG, so I can take pictures in less than 10 seconds ? The plugins I found give only the DNG dual fisheye images.

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Thank you for the information on your requirements. Once you have the dual-fisheye image, are you planning to stitch the images with your system? Or, are dual-fisheye images better for photogrammetry?

I’m first trying to figure out what is technically possible with the camera.

It may be possible to take a DNG image at intervals lower than 10 seconds. The JPG would likely be even lower than the DNG.

This plug-in was taking the JPG images from the V at 1 second intervals.

It’s possible that someone could modify it to work with the Z1 or use the main idea with the new plug-in SDK for the Z1.

My plan is to walk on Lausanne’s streets (in Switzerland) with the camera to take pictures while waking. Then, I won’t stich the images, I will split the dual fisheye image in 2 different images, to use it in a photogrammetry software.

Attached to this email, you will find the kind of photo I will use (I split automatically the dual fisheye image with a python algorithm, here it is JPEG to be able to send it to you).

Again, thanks a lot for your help !


If you use a dual-fisheye JPEG image you can take the image at around 4 sec intervals with the webapi. If you use DNG+JPG, it will be around 7 seconds.

I have not tried this with tasker, but you may be able to wait 4 seconds between shots without having to build a mobile app or plug-in.

Thanks a lot for your help !