RICOH THETA X Live View Over HTTP While Recording Video

A developer recently asked me if the RICOH THETA X could record a video while simultaneously viewing the live preview on a laptop or mobile device.

After some fiddling the camera settings, I confirmed that the camera does send the live preview to the mobile device over HTTP. However, the official RICOH THETA mobile doesn’t show the live preview on the mobile device while the video is being recorded.

I built a simple mobile app to display the live preview and found that the live preview display works fine in my tests.


To enable the live preview, I used the menu on the LCD on the body of the camera. I believe that the default is to have the live view off.

While this may be sufficient, I also set the live view to be “high image quality”


The preview works fine during video recording.

Code used in demo is here:

running as windows desktop and simultaneously recording video