HowTo: Live Stream to Browser Direct from Camera with 330ms Latency

You can stream a live preview from the THETA X direct to a web browser.

How To

  1. connect laptop or mobile phone to camera with WiFi
  2. if in access point mode, go to

example using Google Chrome browser

Alternative technique with live preview embedded in web page

snippet using bootstrap

<div class="col-lg-12 px-0">

  <iframe src ="" width="100%" height="600">





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Is it possible to do the same thing on Client mode?

On client mode, when visit device from browser, user name and password needed.
What is the default user name and password?

yes, I think it works for client mode.

The username is the serial number. YR1411xxxx
password is just the digits 1411xxxx

User name and password don’t work.
My Theta X is start from YR1410xxxx, does this mean it is an old version?
Tried to reset setting, no luck…

Firmware is 2.21.0
I can connect to it by AP mode, but not Client mode.

Hmm, maybe this technique doesn’t work to display the stream in the browser.

To use the client mode API, you must use digest authentication. You can’t put the username and password into the browser pop up box as it will use basic authentication.

see this thread.

I use insomnia to test the API. It is open source and free.

on the command line, curl will also work

Thanks for the webpage you linked, from that I figured the password should be THETAYR1410xxxx.
I can get live preview from CL mode now. Is there parameter, we can adjust resolution. For example:

sorry about my error with the username for client mode. I’m glad you were able to find out the username and password from the existing discussions. :slight_smile:

The preview format is set with the API.

The THETA X doesn’t have the 1920x960 format.

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