Ricoh Theta X TW-2 Underwater housing

Hello there, I am trying to get hold of an Ricoh Theta X TW-2 underwater housing. I believe that availability may have been scheduled for August but upon contacting my local camera shop Ricoh UK is saying that availability will be September. I do however see that there have been some reviews from Japan. I am in urgent need of a unit and wondered if anyone has availability in their country or can suggest a way that I could purchase one by the end of August?
Many thanks

It seems to be available in the US. Can you get it shipped to your office in the UK? Note that I have not tested the housing and do not know how much of the housing is visible in the images taken with the camera.

Be aware that in the TW-1, the housing was visible in the pictures taken with the THETA V.

Dear Craig, I am not sure if you received my previous message but thanks you very much for sending this through. I am in the process of ordering one. Many Thanks Drew