Ricoh Theta X Wifi interruption when display off

Hello Community,
I have another problem regarding the Ricoh Theta X. I made the observation that Ricoh Theta X interrupts the wifi connection in AP mode when the display is turned off. Furthermore the display truns off automatically after a bit of time even if it is deactivated in settings. I testet this with two different Ricoh Theta X cameras. I don´t know if I have to do additional changes in settings or how I can fix this problem in general. Maybe someone can help me.
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Is it possible that the camera is going to sleep?

Are you using the official mobile app?

What do you have sleep set to?

The sleepmode is definitively off and we are using the Dalux App ( for construction site documentation. The camera itself seems still working after the display turned off, but the connection to the Dalux Software/App is interrupted and I have to reconnect my IPhone to the camera.

Does the same problem occur with the official theta ricoh mobile app?

When the Dalux App is in use, does the camera look like this:

The problem seems not to occur with the official ricoh theta app. When using the official app the camera display shows the same content like in your picture, but when using the Dalux app the camera just shows the “normal” screen. SInce the dalux app just connects actively to the camera when the sitewalk is actually started and not when starting the app and configuring everything first. So maybe there is a workaround to send a rest command for setting the _cameraControlSource to “app” permanently or everytime I connect my IPhone to the camera. Thank you very much for your help Craig. Now I the “root problem” and also got more understanding how the ricoh theta x and regarding interaction works.

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@jcasman sent a note to dalux using their online contact form. If we establish communication with the developer team, we may be able to work with them to improve the experience with the THETA X.

update Sept 27, 2022

@ChrisFromStrabag , we have not received a response from the general Dalux contact form. If you have any contacts at Dalux that you are willing to share with us, please send us a direct message. We hope to send them technical tips on working with the new THETA X camera as there are some small differences with the Z1.

Does the Dalux app work with the Z1 and V?

update Oct 28, 2022

I’m still trying to reach someone from Dalux to see if there are any known connectivity problems with the THETA X. Are you using the SiteWalk app?

There’s a picture of the THETA X on the Dalux site, SiteWalk page. Maybe it works in general and there is some Wi-Fi interference at your site?

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Sry that I am just responding now, I was very busy the last weeks. We actually used the “normal” Dalux app which includes sitewalk functionality, but just with Ricoh Theta X. Since we just did some piloting with Dalux in our team I don´t have very good contact to them but I will try to inform Dalux about your inquiry. But I can not guarantee they will respond. In general the connection between Ricoh Theta X and Dalux app works but the control is not set on “app” and display and wifi connection often turns off even when sleep mode is disabled. But we are currently not using Dalux anymore since we have better approaches now. So this problem isn´t quite important for us anymore but it will be still nice to fix it for other users. I will give my best to make contact.
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So I got a response from our conatct person at Dalux and they are working on this issue and try to fix it within the next release.


Wow, thanks for your help. Feel free to send the Dalux people the contact information for me and @jcasman in case they run into any problems. the osc/state command has a field for _cameraError which they can use to see if the problem was temperature. This could also be useful for your own app.

Heat is related to power consumption. In firmware 1.30.0 has a new feature for WiFi connectivity to prioritize speed or low-power.

Notification of firmware update for “RICOH THETA Z1“ , “RICOH THETA X“ , “RICOH THETA V“ camera. | RICOH THETA

Thanks again for your help. We look forward to a successful deployment for you with your own app.

Have a nice weekend.