RICOH THETA Z1 battery and dissasembly

This is my pictured tutorial on battery removal and reinstall to reset the error message on a Z1.
It shows the dissasembly of the Z1 to get to the battery area.
Hope this may help those in need.


@WayneS thanks for posting this.

As some people don’t have facebook accounts, are you okay if I copy and paste your pictures from Facebook into this thread?

@WayneS responded on Facebook that it is okay to post the pictures here of his wonderful disassembly story.

Hello group,

I had an been receiving an error message on my Ricoh Theta Z1 51 GB model and after trying a reset by the “power and wifi” button method and further research discovered that the issue may be solved by removing and re-installing the internal battery.

Although I’ve had experience repairing vintage film and some digital cameras in the past,I had not experienced getting into a Z1-so since it was out of warranty and a “brick” at this point I proceeded to get into my Z1.The following are pictures and descriptions of the tear down.

It’s not too difficult if you have a few basic small cross and philips screw drivers and patience.

Once opened I removed the battery,tested it to be sure it fell with in range and re-installed the battery and then reversed the dissasembly process to reassemble.

After reassembly no recalibration of the 360° dual lens assembly was needed,in my experience, because of the quality of the dual lens module designed by Ricoh was so solid!

The inner workings of cameras and electronics have always fascinated me and the Z1 was no different!

The technology packed into these excellent cameras is nothing less than amazing!

NOTE:Opening your Theta Z1 WILL void your warranty and the above info is for educational purposes only so attempt this at your own risk!

The good news-the camera was working after the process!


Wayne S.


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