Ricoh Theta Z1 Dual Fisheye RAW Plugin - Error Code 001 USB Data Transfer


Using the dualfisheye raw plugin, I created a photo shoot for a client. After connecting the camera to my computer, I noticed that the computer does not show the theta folder. When I manually invoked the USB Transfer option with the camera - ERROR CODE 001 error appears

I have used the camera before, the dualfisheye plugin also. I have never had this problem before. Can I access the plugin files via the cloud? Or how to retrieve my work anyway? Please help :frowning:

I don’t normally use the dualfisheye raw plugin. Is the USB transfer a feature of the plug-in?

If you use the Mac File transfer app, can you see the files that you need to download?

Download | RICOH THETA

If you plug the Z1 into a Windows computer, you may be able to see the folder structure.

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The dualfisheye raw plug-in is an independent plug-in. One of the three that are displayed on my camera. I installed it manually using theta software.

Connecting the z1 to the computer - nothing happens. The computer stopped seeing it. Previously, everything worked flawlessly.

I am using Windows PC

When I connect to the camera via WIFI - I can preview the camera files without any problems. The problem is that the photos from the dualfisheye plugin appear in a separate folder on the z1 drive, which is not visible in the application.

maybe the developer has seen this happen before. It might be better to find him on a Facebook Group. There are many Facebook Groups for the RICOH THETA Z1. I’ve seen Yoichi post on this group before:

Ricoh Theta Z1 User Group | Facebook

It’s possible that the files are there and you just need a workaround technique to download them to your computer.

Also, other people may have seen the problem before and be able to help.

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Thank you so much for the link :slight_smile: I’ll post my problem there :slight_smile: