Sample THETA V HDRI File, Creation Tips, and Autodesk MAYA Example SkyDome Images


Many people in the VFX industry use the RICOH THETA to create HDRi files for light information on a scene. Here is a sample 12 shot HDRi file that people can use for testing. It was created with a RICOH THETA V with the shutter speeds listed below.


  • 1/25000
  • 1/10000
  • 1/4000
  • 1/1600
  • 1/640
  • 1/250
  • 1/100
  • 1/40
  • 1/15
  • 1/6
  • 0.4 (1/1.5)
  • 1.0

In the future, I’ll create a more detailed tutorial on using Autodesk MAYA with HDRI files made from RICOH THETA images.

Quick Tips on Creating HDR Files from RICOH THETA Images

Use free open source software called Luminance HDR. Picturenaut and Photoshop also work (more info)

Use THETA HDR Files as Light Source in Autodesk MAYA

Attach THETA image HDR file (made from 12 THETA images at different exposures) to MAYA SkyDome (giant sphere with green lines in the right panel)