Using Blender with RICOH THETA HDRI Files

There’s an excellent free course by Gleb Alexandrov at Creative shrimp that shows how to use HDRI files in Blender, the open source rendering software.

The course is available here:

I created an HDRI file from 12 RICOH THETA V images and used it in the course. This video shows how to make the HDRI file with free software.

I’m a Blender novice and had to watch Gleb’s mouse movements a number of times. The videos are very detailed and I was able to figure out the correct sequence of movements eventually.

Exposure set to -3

Exposure set to -3

Set to -5

Exposure 0


Is there a big difference between using Blender and using Maya for this type of rendering work?

I’m not that experienced, but MAYA seems much easier to use. I’m having a tough time with the Blender interface.