SC2: App / Smartphone Compatibility and Functionality

I’m trying to understand if the Theta SC2 would be functional with my OnePlus 3 phone (Android 9) or my Galaxy A12 (Android 10 or 11); and /or what challenges I might face with one or both of these phones.

I would also like to understand if there’s a live view functionality in the Theta app, paired with the SC2. I know there isn’t a live stream, but I understand that to mean I can’t use it to broadcast to Facebook Live or Youtube or something like that… Can I view what the camera sees, and use the phone to take the photo?

Finally, I’d like to put time stamps and maybe even GPS info, if the camera is connected to my phone. Are these functions available?

Basically, I’ll be trying to implement the SC2 as a new part of a site inspection process that my company hasn’t tried yet. I know lots of places are leagues ahead… I’m starting from scratch. Wanting to make sure I understand the possibilities completely, before I make the business case.