Theta SC2 - Bluetooth / Remote / GPS questions

Hi there.

Just bought an SC2 as my first 360 camera.

I have a couple questions I’ve not been able to find answers to, that would be handy to know before I buy unnecessary accessories:

  1. Can the TR-1 Bluetooth Remote be connected to the SC2, at the same time as the iOS app is connnected to the SC2 via Bluetooth and transferring GPS data (BT Multipoint functionality)?

  2. Once the SC2 is connected via Bluetooth to the iOS app, will triggering a photo from the button on the SC2 still include GPS data, or does the photo need to be triggered from the iOS app to transfer the GPS data?

  3. The THETA app shows up on Apple Watch with a mode selection and shutter button. Will photos wirelessly triggered via Bluetooth connection from the Apple Watch, include GPS data?

Thanks in advance for any help.