SC2 camera completely Dead

One of our SC2 camera recently got completely dead. Our client was shooting pictures since morning, suddenly around noon SC2 stopped working. It is not powering ON. Not sure whether is a battery issue or hardware issue. If it is a battery issue, then it would have shown red light. But it is not showing any light or anything in the display. Tried holding power button, all the buttons, nothing seems to be working and i can not power it on.
We bought it from Amazon and it’s not out of return period time. Please suggest me if there is any way we can power it on or have any way to find out the hardware problem.


Plug it into a computer with a USB cable and leave it there for 2 hours.

If there the battery charge is too low, the camera may behave differently. For example, it may not power on even when plugged in.

  • change the USB cable.
  • the green light on the side of the SC2 should be solid green

When plugged in, the camera should appear as an icon on Windows. The SC2 must be on.


When you right-click on the icon in the Windows explorer sidebar, the battery should show 100% charge.


If you change the cable a few times and you can’t see the camera even when the camera is on, you should try and return the camera.

When the camera is on, the OLED on the front of the camera should be visible.

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Exactly as described by Craig. Also, a sudden shutdown could have been caused by a high temperature and an attempt to turn it back on a few seconds after the automatic protection shutdown.

As I mentioned, SC2 is not turning ON. I tried to charge it by computer, also tried by connecting the camera directly to power stripe. Tried multiple power cable and still no luck. Also leave it connected with computer for several hours.

Since it is not turning power ON, can not do debug on Windows/Mac computer. The SC2 Camera is about 3 months old, since we bought it new from Amazon.


My personal opinion as to possible problems. All of them would require a return.

  • there was a manufacturing defect in the battery which resulted in a complete battery failure after a short period of time.
  • an internal connector for the mainboard of the camera (inside the camera) came loose or broke due to normal movement of the camera. Again, this would only occur if there was a small assembly defect
  • power switch is dead
  • internal charging circuit is dead

In all cases, you likely need to ship it to a service center. I don’t have any experience with this process. You’ll likely need to contact RICOH.

Warranty | RICOH THETA

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