Sc2 Flashing Green Light after firmware 1.64 update

So I got a strange problem with my SC2
when I charging the device, the light stay off.
when I turn it on without charging, the green light blinking and shows its charing in the APP.
when I turn it off without charging, the green light blinking too

Seem like a bug to me, I am wondering if anyone have the same problem
after update. I tried to hold the power button to reset the device but the problem remain the same.

please let me know if there is a solution, or how to downgrade the firmware


If the device is fully charged, the green light on the side of the device will be off. If the camera is charging the light on the side should be solid green.

RICOH THETA SC2 - User Guide

There is no way to downgrade the firmware

Plug the device into the USB port of your computer.

What does the charge show?


  • use the cable that came with the camera
  • if you can’t find the same cable, try different cables

So when I am not charing the device, the App on my phone shows the device is charing… pretty stange

can you take a screenshot of what you mean. Post the version of your app.

I am using version 2.1.2, last updated July 21, 2021.
Google Pixel 2, Android 11

Does it show charging?


when I am not charging the device, and the app says charging and green light keep flashing.

Are you able to charge the camera? Or, if you leave the camera plugged in for several hours, it will not charge? The OLED icon indicates that the camera battery charge is depleted.

Have you tried switching the cable and the USB port?

There is a problem. Can you send any commands to the SC2? Or, is the camera completely locked?

Uninstall the mobile app from your phone and then reinstall it.

Do you have access to an Android phone or a Windows desktop computer?

It wont connect to PC. Once its pluged into power, it wont turn on. So it wont be recognize by PC.

There may be a problem with your specific unit.

Have you tried any of the following:

  • with the SC2 on, press and hold the power button for longer than 10 seconds. The camera should turn off.
  • call official customer support, using the RICOH official web site to find the phone number to call
  • change the USB cable. The PC should be able to at least detect the camera.