Showcase Ricoh Theta at Fire Safety Hackathon in London (23 - 24 May 2019)

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If you are in London and wants to be part of this innovation. We will like to showcase Ricoh camera at the 2-day Fire Safety Hack in London but I do not have the camera

Please see the links to the tomorrow event:

You join us as a team and bring in your camera to work with us on the project.

Hear from any interested fellow soon!

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@sanyaade, how did the Fire Safety Hackathon go? Were you able to work on something interesting? What did you build?


The vent well and idea about using Theta V camera to monitor, count and live stream back to Firemen was on the table. One question raised by the panel was that during fire incident, electricity will be off, areas will clouded with smoke, flames, how do we plan to use the camera against all these. First of all electricity should not be a problem since Ricoh Theta can be battery driven and live streaming for hours if not days. But the challenge here is the smoke and fire, this will need infra-red module used with Theta.

This weekend I am at another hackathon on computing at edge but from next week I will into the infra-red module issues.

Any information that could help on the infra-red issue will be very well appreciated. Many thanks!

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Could you add a separate infrared module to the THETA? I know of a project using THETA to track where radiation is emanates from. It overlays data from a gamma-ray radiation detector on top of the 360 images.