Solved: Unity Can't Display THETA V Live Stream on Windows 10



I did not need to change anything in the audio configuration of SteamVR, so I believe it is automatic.



Thanks. I have it working with single channel audio.


I did a video review of a new Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop with quad core i7. The CPU was maxed out at 100%.

I’m getting an audio delay of less than one second. I had the DSP Buffer Size set to default. I will try it with “Best latency”

If other people want to try it, the setting is in Edit -> Project Settings -> Audio -> DSP Buffer Size

Even though the CPU was maxed out, the movement in the headset was smooth.

BTW, I think you’re aware, but the latency is a problem that for telepresence that many people are working on. One solution is to develop a new protocol with better compression, specifically for transmission over networks.

See this company for cool ideas:


Hello? Are you all still here?
I have a couple of questions. I’ve got 360 camera but it’s not THETA, it’s Insta360. So um… I can’t realize how you remove this black gaps on your sphere. What does this shader do?
(Solved: Unity Can’t Display THETA V Live Stream on Windows 10)
And what do you do in regedit? Is this thing for searching webcam or for… turning my webcam with 2 lenses into 2 webcams with single lenses?
I can’t resolve my problem with black gaps for a week.
Please help. Thanks in advance.


The THETA V outputs 4K equirectangular live streaming video. I’m not familiar with the insta360. You may want to ask someone on the insta360 developer site. If you do decide to purchase a THETA V, it also has the ability to develop plug-ins inside the camera.

Good luck with your project.