Connecting RICOH THETA Z1 with Unity

I am trying to stream a video using theta z1 , through USB by taking camera texture as a skybox material.

I followed this tutorial, and I have this error.

When define camNam= " RICOH THETA Z1 4K" I got this error: Couldn’t find a supported mediatype for the selected Virtual Camera

When define camName = “RICOH THETA Z1”; I got this error:
Could not connect pins - RenderStream()

Here is my code

public class Get360Camera : MonoBehaviour

    static WebCamTexture Camera;
    string camName = "RICOH THETA Z1 FullHD"; // Name of your camera. 
    public Material camMaterial;  // Skybox material

    void Start()

        WebCamDevice[] devices = WebCamTexture.devices;

        //printing out all video sources for debugging purposes

        Debug.Log("Number of web cams connected: " + devices.Length);

        for (int i = 0; i < devices.Length; i++)


            Debug.Log(i + " " + devices[i].name);


        if (Camera == null)
            Camera = new WebCamTexture(camName, 3840, 1920); // Resolution you want

        if (!Camera.isPlaying)

	if (camMaterial != null)
            camMaterial.mainTexture = Camera;



That tutorial is 6 years old. The new driver will work directly with Unity. Use the driver here:

Live video is not displayed on a Computer [RICOH THETA Z1] | RICOH THETA