Stacking multiple Native bracketed DNG's vs Dual Fish Eye HDR. DNG on Z1

I have tried taking a 9 bracket shot at different exposures and merged the DNG files in Photomatix to get an HDR. The HDRs seem very noisy compared to the DFE(R) HDR.DNG. Also merging the .JPG of multibracket mode seems to have lesser noise compared to merging the .DNG’s.

Thus my questions are
a. Im assuming the only additional function the DFE(R) is performing is merging the DNG’s. Why does it have lesser noise ? Am i doing something wrong ? will a better software to merge DNG give me a better result ?

b. If DNG’s carry more data, then why does merging multiple JPG, give a better result ? Again am I doing something wrong ?

when you take the DNG pictures with the official mobile app, not the dual-fisheye plug-in, you may not have set the same settings as the plug-in.

For example,

I think the DFE uses a type of “burst shooting” where many pictures are taken within a few seconds. Is that what you’re using on the mobile app?

you probably want the _visibilityReduction set to off.

You may want to adjust _imageStitching for the bracket

Maybe try dynamicAuto

Also adjust _topBottomCorrection

There may be other parameters that affect the bracket