Built in Bracketed vs Dual Fish Eye HDR merged DNG

Hi everyone newbie on the Theta Z1.

I’m looking to understand the preferred workflow for getting the best quality images out of the Z1.

I’m curious for the pros on this channel do you shoot Bracketed images then merge in Lightroom /edit and then use the THETA stitcher, or use the dual fisheye plug-in to create a HD are merged DNG, edit in Lightroom, export to theta stitcher. Or in either of two options export to PTGUI for better stitching.

Thank you everyone, Rick K from Florida

With the latest Z1 firmware, this workflow by @Juantonto may be of interest to you.

If it is a still, non-moving shot or very little movement, then merging with Lightroom is giving some great shots. As far as I know, the THETA stitcher is fine and is at least as good as PTGUI.

I believe one advantage of PTGUI is batch processing. You can also use the THETA stitcher standalone if you don’t want to use lightroom

Toyo’s shot here with his workflow is fantastic.

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Craig, Thank you so very much for this information. Toyo’s workflow is great, and sparked my interest if DFE was taking a second seat to using Bracketing. I’ll give it a shot this weekend and hopefully post the results of trying it both ways. Again, thank you!!! Rick


I think the AE Bracket feature is new and people are still testing the quality of the shots versus other techniques.

Hopefully, the pro photographers on this site will give their feedback. If you don’t get enough feedback, you may also want to try one of the many Facebook Groups. For example, this one:


As far as I know, there are no problems with the quality of the shots from the AE Bracket. The difference might be in your preference of workflow.

Hopefully, a professional like Toyo will give his opinion