Stitching mode was not preserved between sleep modes


I’m testing with USB API (gphoto2) now.

I set stitching mode to 2(dual fisheye) and took some photos, and I stopped shooting for a few minutes. the camera entered sleep mode. so I set d80e to 0 to wake up the camera and continued shooting again.
all the photos after waking up were shooted in stitching mode auto(default=1).

is this by design or a bug?


One way to test the behavior is to use the WiFi API and see if there is a difference in the behavior between the WiFi API and the USB API.

I know the WiFi API has MySettings, which can store the saved settings.

In my previous test, the stitching was not able to be saved to MySettings.

The current documentation does not indicate that the _imageStitching parameter can be saved to mySettings.

I have not tried to set the stitching with the WiFi API and then put it to sleep.

When you wake the camera from sleep, you may need to set _imageStitching or periodically check what the value of _imageStitching is and then set it if it has changed.

I will add this to a meeting agenda now.

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thank you for your kind reply

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I informally checked with a few more people. I believe you will need to set the stitching mode again when the camera wakes up from sleep and before you take the next picture.

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ok, thanks.
Is there any documentation about this? I need what properties are preserved or not (between power on/off and between sleep).

I need to check on this as I cannot find the documentation where the behavior is described. I’m assuming that the behavior of the USB API and the WebAPI are going to be similar.

We may also be able to test this with our summer intern if the per-option behavior is not documented.


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