Test out Real API Commands Online

Hey everyone, I started a new project to test out THETA Camera API commands on Swagger. This uses the actual Camera itself and gets live results.

To Run it Offline Locally I’ve added Instructions in the Github README

To Run it Online just make sure that whatever browser you are using has a CORS bypasser extension. For example this is what I’m using in Firefox Cors Everywhere.

Below is the link to try out your Camera’s Real Theta API Commands online.

Online Link

This works for me from Firefox.

Do you have an examples working with Chrome?

I’m having trouble on a MacBook Air (MacOS Monterey 12.5.1) using both Chrome and Firefox.

I have two networks on the MacBook Air. Ethernet connects to the local router. And Wi-Fi connects to the THETA Z1 I am testing.

I have installed Allow CORS extension in Chrome. And CORS Everywhere in Firefox.

Running an API command through the browser works.



So far, so good.

I tried using this tool (https://webbrowsertools.com/test-cors/) to see if my browser allows CORS.

Chrome seems to work:

Firefox does not:

Results on Chrome:

Results on Firefox:

I’m am looking into the settings for the CORS extensions. I will investigate further.

Do you have the extension in Firefox enabled?

with extension installed, but not enabled:

enable extension

extension is now green.


Test after enabling extension