Testing RICOH THETA Web API via HTTP Request Shortcuts Mobile App

In this demonstration I’m testing the API with a mobile android app, as shown in the article referenced below. Currently, I have tests showing different RICOH THETA API commands and requests. I intend to do more tests in the future such as Exposure compensation.

If you’re using a mobile app for testing the THETA API, I’d be interested in hearing your experience using it.

Reference: Using the THETA Web API without programming (Remote photo app)

Testing Environment:


  • Firmware: 1.41.0
  • Reset camera
    • Can be done through LCD on camera or using the API
  • Delete all media on camera
    • Can use USB cable, connect to Windows, delete through Windows explorer

Device to Test Camera

API Tests:

/osc/info :white_check_mark:

/osc/state :white_check_mark:

camera.setOptions :white_check_mark: (to image) - This option didn’t start working until I added this as the content-type: application/json;charset=utf-8

camera.takePicture :white_check_mark:- make sure this is the content-type: application/json;charset=utf-8


Thank you for posting this article.

Do you see a way to run multiple commands in sequence?

What is the workflow for people who want to set the camera up in a specific configuration and then take a picture? Can they save the settings and then push a button to apply the configuration?

@erikrod1 , I followed your article and made a video of my test. HTTP Request Shortcuts looks like a great app for testing the API.