THETA API and Developer Experience Compared to Other 360 Cameras?

How does the THETA API compare to the API for other cameras?

I’m assuming that the Samsung product supports OSC. Does the Kodak one also support OSC?

I’m trying to figure out how to best help developers build applications with the THETA. If I were developing an application, I imagine that I would look at building an application for the general OSC API first, which would cover taking an image, video, and transfer of media. Then, there’s the challenge of getting the image or video set up in your application or web site.

I’d like to say that using the THETA benefits you in one of three ways:

  • build a better application or
  • get your product to market faster
  • sell more of your product

I’m a bit stuck as I don’t know how to compare it to the competition.

Here’s a simple mockup

Here’s some proof points:

  • world leader: 1 million cameras sold. 3rd generation technology
  • better applications: most advanced stitching technology, most stable camera platform, best form factor for camera users
  • faster time to market: most business applications using THETA. Most experience and examples of what worked and didn’t work for business system. Open API with many examples.
  • more sales: highest volume 360 camera in use. greatest brand value and recognition with your target customer. backing of $20 billion company with extensive partnerships to make sure content works on all platforms: YouTube, Facebook, many more

Feedback welcome