THETA Live Streaming 360° Video with WebRTC Direct From Camera

This article was originally published on Qiita in Japanese by masasutzu.

I tried out SkyWay - Android - SDK 's p2p - videochat on interesting things whether it will work on THETA V.

As a result, I was able to run p2p-videochat on THETA V, and flowed 360 degrees video to the other party.

I will explain in detail later in this article, but I told gogoroya that I was frustrated at first.

I am able to confirm that I can play audio / video by doing SkyWay-Android-SDK with THETAPlugin. #skyway # thetaplugin #webrtcjphttps: //
- gogoroya (@ gogoroya) August 23, 2018

Test Environment

  • SkyWay-Android-SDK: v1.04
  • RICOH THETA Plug-in SDK: v1.0.0
  • THETA V: 2.40.2
  • Android Studio: 3.1.3
  • OS: Windows10 version 18.03


Get the code, build the apk, and install in THETA.

You can also use the repository from gogoroya

Changes to p2p-videochat

Add RICOH THETA Plug-in SDK to SkyWay-Android-SDK. Along with this, we will match build.gradle etc on SkyWay-Android-SDK side to RICOH THETA Plug-in SDK

Throw Intent to that effect with onCreate () so that you can control the camera from SkyWay-Android-SDK

Initialize the camera with startLocalStream()


Thanks to gogoroya, I noticed the initialization process of the camera I was missing and I could write this article. thank you very much.
Original article in Japanese

Extra Resources

If you’ve registered with the Partner Program (putting your THETA in developer mode) and have sent in your serial number (allowing you to develop and upload plug-ins), I’ve got some super useful resources for you! has pulled together a Top 10 THETA Developer Tips, pulling together feedback from developers, saving you time. We also have some choice apks that you can load immediately and try out with documentation and source code.

Work with speaker volume, record audio files, build a Web GUI for your THETA and lots more!

Send us your contact info and you’ll get an email will all the download links.

This uses the SkyWay API. Does that mean it is uploading/signalling to the SkyWay servers? I am working on writing a plugin that sends the equirectangular video from the Theta V over WebRTC (or WebVR) to a desktop PC, without signalling or streaming to the internet.

It looks like I may end up using WebRTC + A-Frame to provide a VR experience that is streamed live from the camera.

Regardless, thanks for translating this! This is some handy demo code =)

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It needs to connect to the Skyway servers for signalling, not for the video stream.

There is another example for streaming with RTMP that goes out to a server such as Facebook and YouTube.

Another example with webRTC using RICOH Cloud Service (no longer available for free testing in the US).


I’ve only ever used WebRTC with a signalling server, so I’d be interested to hear more about that as you progress. :slight_smile: Hope you can keep posting info here as you move forward.

Wanted to quickly offer to help with the THETA plug-in registration and submission. Craig and I have now helped quite a few developers through the process. It can be a little… clunky. I can offer tips for common sticking points, or even do the whole thing for you. Just offering to help so that applying doesn’t slow down the coding. Happy to give more details through DM.